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Computer Tech

Answer No. 1.

Prensky's theory is interesting and his points are sometimes seems close to reality. He suggested that students today have changed significantly and that the school system is not suitable for new learners. Prensky describes the arrival of ICT as a discontinuity, an event so important that it created a gap between my parents' generation and my generation. Digital technology, which includes computers, online gaming, email, internet, cellular telephony and instant messaging are integral parts of everyday life of this generation. Such technologies have been used in all ages of human life. As, when first telephone was invented it was regarded same as today's latest iphone or any latest gadget. However, it is not necessary that these technologies help to gain knowledge. Many teenagers failed to grasp knowledge through these sources while people have learnt only through books, previously According to Prensky, the change is so high that this new generation think and process information differently (Prensky, 2001, 2).

Answer No. 2.

It is said the crime of the 21st century will be white collar and in the first ten years of this century, we can see the increasing intensity of the cybercrime. Cybercrime is crime that occurs when computers or computer networks are involved as tools, locations, or targets of crime. This means that cybercrime may include a wide variety of traditional types of crime, such as theft or even extortion, but that these may take on novel forms because of the opportunities provided by the cyber environment (Newman, 2010, 17). The major types of the cybercrime are hacking, privacy violation, identity and information theft and its wrong use and release of viruses. Many of the techniques do not involve complex computing skills to avoid cybercrime. This is because the majority of major cybercrimes on record were achieved not through the brilliance of a computer wizard, but through human weaknesses where guardians of valuable information became offenders themselves, or were either duped or coerced into giving up passwords or other access information to offenders. There are some prevention techniques to remain safe or at least minimize the risk of the cybercrimes such as increasing efforts by using firewalls and banning hacker websites, increasing the privacy and protection of online identities and information and making them traceable. Making money online is easy as well as risky. Money through online pornography or gambling has unethical concerns such as breach of the age restriction.

Answer No. 3.

The notion of an online community is that all persons connect through computer in cyberspace, who meet and trade through a computer network like the Internet, and share a common interest among them. In online education, teachers, students and scholars connect to each other remotely via computer networks, making use of services that provide online information and communication, thus achieving a highly interactive educational environment, anytime and from anywhere (Preece, 2000, 13). It has increasingly evolved since the start of the current century as the life is becoming very fast and people opt to earn ...
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