Computers For Modern Communication Technology

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Computers for Modern Communication Technology

Computers for Modern Communication Technology


The paper aims to emphasize on the modern communication technology along with the major benefits of computers and internet in today`s world. Communication is a necessity and something that is present in human life since ancient times. Exchange information, record facts, expressing ideas and emotions are factors that contributed to the development of ways to communicate (Buhalis, 2009). Thus, with the passage of time, man has improved ability to relate. From the Industrial Revolution to the Technology Revolution much has changed in the lives of individuals and businesses in general.

The introduction of new communication technologies provided a significant change in the economic, political, cultural and social and every day continues to suffer because of strong transformations the emergence of new ways to communicate and to relate to the strategic public enterprises. We live in the age of cyber culture, in the age of digital technologies that accompanies us every minute of our lives: mobile phones with 3G technologies, online journalism, digital tv's, Skype, MSN, Google Maps, blogs, Orkut, Flickr and other online resources (Black & Edwards, 2000). In the business world we are surrounded and use every day, or most days of the week, tools and services available through the network.


The use of the Internet, whether in the classroom or as a tool to support student can provide the improvement of teaching and learning. The Internet gives opportunity to develop their own learning based on the construction of knowledge, sharing their discoveries. The information acquired through the Internet can be transformed into knowledge; this requires that teachers lead their students to build these skills (Bates, 2008). When it comes to information and communication, technological possibilities have emerged as an alternative of the modern era, facilitating education through digital inclusion, with the inclusion ...
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