Ethics In Computing In General

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Ethics in Computing in General

Ethics in Computing in General

Information professionals have only recently developed such distinct characteristics of the modern profession, as higher education, professional associations, licensing procedures and codes of ethics. Even more than the library, computer professionals can be seen as that winter, and others will be characterized as "emerging" occupations. Abbott traces the beginning of computing profession Second World War. Others, too, noted how quickly calculate the "out" in the field and a profession: "As soon as the computer technology was developed, it has been recognized as a commodity, useful for individuals (at the corporate level), and vital for military. Overnight elements profession were in place. "

It could also draw attention to the apparent vulnerability of some segments in each group to their service to outsource their parent organization, and difficulties in setting standards for professional recognition (Per Arne Godejord 2008).

Computer professionals, who are also faced with increasing specialization in the profession, have traditionally based their identity in the disciplines of mathematics and engineering. 1989 task force composed of the Association for Computing Machinery (now better known simply as ACM) announced that:

Computing is at the crossroads between the central processes of applied mathematics, science and technology. Three processes are equal and fundamental importance in the discipline, which is a unique combination of interaction between theory, abstraction, and design(Deborah 2001).

Since 1989, however, networking and communications technology becomes more integrated into all aspects of modern business and professional life, and the demand for skilled information technology has grown considerably. Computing has become much less "back office" operation, as well as the country and the experience of those working in the field has become much more heterogeneous. In business, government and education, many people have reached critical computer networks or position with virtually no training ...
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