Concept Analysis On Nursing Principle On Quality

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Concept Analysis On Nursing Principle On Quality Of Life

Concept Analysis on Nursing Principle on Quality Of Life


Quality Of Life in nursing is something that is important and it is a subject that will always keep on improving. Today we discover and read about it all the time. It has a high demand in today rather than numerous years before. Years before families are the ones that took care of their mother, dad or grandparents but in today's humanity we have to work and that is no ones fought but our own. Long-term amenities are in demand more today than before and it is only going to boost from here. (Gubrium 2007)

Some of us think of it sooner than others. The reality is that we all we get old and we all will need help. It is the same as caring for an infant. Just as an infant needs help, so does an elderly person. It is not something that is exciting to think of but it happens to all of us. All we can do is try to be prepared for when it happens. Long-term care is something we all have to face in time and it also something we want to put on hold. It is hard for a person to face and deal with the reality of being hard. It is a hard adjustment for a person not being able to do things like they once did. Needing help with their daily lives is something that would be hard for everyone. It is the same as a person being able to see everything as the next person and waking up the next day and being totally blind. That feeling of being helpless would be the worst feeling that a person can have. But, we have to find a way to deal with it like any other problem. It is just harder for some people than other people. Things are not like they once were when families took care of their love ones when they could not take care of their selves. My dad and his sisters took care of my grandmother instead of sending her to a nursing facility. These days we are not able to do that anymore. (Pratt, John 2004)


Surprisingly, there is evidence that gerontologists called for training of caregivers for the elderly as early as the sixteenth century. Yet, the centrality of family members as the key providers of long-term care for impaired elders and the need of these family members for assistance and support in the care giving role has emerged as a social problem only over the past two decades. Family care giving has emerged as a public issue because of the increased number of persons who are living to be older and who experience extended periods of chronic disability. Hence, the dependency needs of older persons today have shifted from the primarily economic to the physical, and the presence of these needs has become more prevalent ...
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