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The Unique Challenges Of Privacy and Confidentiality with HIV/Aids Related Medical Conditions


In this study we try to explore the concept of “Challenges of Privacy and Confidentiality with HIV/Aids Related Medical Conditions” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “the concepts of HIV/Aids Related Medical Conditions” and its relation with “Confidentiality”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “psychology” and tries to gauge its effect on “AIDS”.

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Social Services Principle1

Disclosure of Data2

Implications of Self-Disclosure3

Counseling and Support4



The Unique Challenges Of Privacy and Confidentiality with HIV/Aids Related Medical Conditions


All matters relating to the personal sphere of each are subject to protection. This principle is fundamental in terms of HIV infection, being HIV-positive people are often victims of discrimination, criminalization and marginalization. These attitudes cause psychological damage to those that normally accompany health (Paul 2004). The confidentiality, inalienable right of every person in the Italian, also affects the child and his was infectious diseases, which should not be revealed to those with whom he has relations assistance, education and socialization. Exceptions are some categories of people, such as exercising the parental authority or persons delegated to follow events in the child health related to HIV or the judicial authority to intervene in the interest of the child or persons authorized by.

Social Services Principle

Social Services principle pertaining to the revelation of secret data concerns to persons dwelling with HIV/AIDS in the identical way as it does to any other service user. However, there are components of worry, misreading or prejudice, present in some people's answer to this condition (Corey & Callanan 2010). This can outcome in persons influenced by HIV/AIDS experiencing discrimination, harassment or victimization if their diagnosis becomes known. For this cause, it is befitting to discover the matters round confidentiality and HIV/AIDS more fully. It is especially significant that the acquainted permission of the service client habitually searched before an HIV diagnosis revealed to a third party. This will engage interpreting to the service client who the third party is and why they require to understand the information.

It require for particularly firm directions of confidentiality in relative to HIV infection/disease draws from the strong air of worry, misreading and prejudice that distinguishes may people's answer to the virus. The significance of confidentiality often contended in one-by-one periods because it should not be separated from the broader public interest. Stopping the disperse of contamination engages engaging persons who are, or who could become, contaminated in contemplating and applying correct demeanor change both to defend themselves and others (Abramson & Eldridge 2008). A need of confidentiality only alienates persons and entails they have less self-assurance in giving themselves to statutory and non-statutory agencies. Maintaining confidentiality is thus a significant constituent in stopping disperse of farther infection.

Disclosure of Data

Disclosure of data about a person's contamination should only take location with the informed permission of that person. For permission to be acquainted, it is essential to share with the individual worried why there is require sharing ...
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