Conflict Resolution And Peacemaking

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Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking


Conflict is one part of the human experience that never seems to go away completely as time has gone on. There is always some sort of conflict happening every day. From small family squabbles of not taking out the trash or leaving dirty dishes in the sink to large wars between countries, conflict is something that seems to be here to stay. No matter how sophisticated, evolved or enlightened we think society is, conflict still remains a part of modern life. This makes conflict resolution and peacemaking extremely important skills to have in place. Without having a way to put an end to conflict in a manner that helps to soothe all parties involved, the world would be in complete and utter chaos because it can be easy to not agree on certain things. This is especially true for hot button issues, such as human rights, abortion, gun control, equality between the genders, land rights and more.

According to Myers (2010), “Recall that conflict is a perceived incompatibility of actions or goals. Many conflicts contain but a small core of truly incompatible goals; the bigger problem is the misperceptions of the other's motives and goals” (p. 493). The main thing that needs to happen when dealing with conflict resolution and peacemaking is helping each side being able to see how a compromise can be put into place where each individual gains insight and is able to see what needs to be done for both side to get what they are seeking.

A key element in conflict resolution and peacemaking is being able to communicate. Having great communication skills is important for someone to have when getting involved with a conflict. Communication is going to be the key in getting both sides of the conflict to come together to try to resolve the issue that is at the root of what they are fighting over. An open mind is also important to have when dealing with type of issue. Many times we let our own personal feelings come into play, but in order to be effective with conflict resolution and peacemaking that has to be taken out of the equation to get a fair resolution.


As people interact there is sure to be conflict. Even though parties may be working toward the same goal, differences of opinion may lead to conflict. Conflict is not necessarily ...
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