Consumer Attitude Towards New And Improved Skin Care Products Comparative Analysis To India And Singapore

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Consumer Attitude towards New and Improved Skin Care Products Comparative Analysis to India and Singapore




1.1 Background of the Study1

1.2 Purpose of the Study1

1.3 Problem Statement2

1.4 Rationale of the Study2

1.5 Conceptual and Theoretical Framework2

1.6 Research Aims and Objectives3

1.6.1 Aims3

1.6.2 Objectives3

1.7 Research Questions3

1.8 Research Hypothesis4


2.1 Background of the Study5

2.2 Concept of Consumer Attitude5

2.3 Consumer Attitude and Decision Making6

2.4 Skincare Industry in India7

2.5 Skincare Industry in Singapore8


3.1 Research Design9

3.2 Research Sample9

3.3 Literature Search9

3.4 Data Collection10

3.5 Data analysis10

3.6 Reliability10

3.7 Validity11

3.8 Limitations of Research11

3.9 Ethical Considerations11



Appendix 1: Survey Questionnaire15

Appendix 2: Time Table18


1.1 Background of the Study

There was couple of principles at work from the first decade of twentieth century. From them the first focused on the economics of marketing by using branding in order to establish the prestige and authority of a business to deliver brand's value proposition to the consumers. Moreover, marketing has attempted to control and retain the consumers instead of embracing them, but this process is now breaking down as a consequence of failure in getting to know the factors that control an individual behavior in postmodern consumption (Arena, 2009, 12).

There is a close relationship between attitudes and behavior. The measurement of attitudes is used in two different ways, firstly to predict the market reaction to certain commercial activities such as introducing a new product, and secondly to try to bring about changes in consumer's attitudes and thus way to get the same behavior according to the exchange and business objectives. Both approaches are based on the idea that attitudes influence behavior (Azio, 1986, 204).

1.2 Purpose of the Study

The main purpose of carrying out this study is to analyze and understand the consumer attitude towards new and improved skin care products. Its main emphasize will be on comparative analysis between consumer preferences in Singapore and India.

1.3 Problem Statement

In recent years, marketers have laid an increased emphasis on understanding consumer's attitude and bringing in improvements in the products. This research originates from the observation that the consumer market is more oriented towards using skincare products with new and improved formulations (Beck, 1994, 254).

1.4 Rationale of the Study

The topic has been chosen for finding the relationship between consumer's attitude towards new and improved skincare products with the comparative analysis of India and Singapore. The latest trends and changing preferences of consumer's have highly influenced consumer's attitudes towards buying such products. This trend mainly started with developed nations like USA, UK, Germany, and as the other countries are getting developed, this trend has been seen there also, and India is one of those developing countries, so the same trend has been noticed there also.

1.5 Conceptual and Theoretical Framework

In complex and experience product categories, the relationship between perceived and objective quality is especially affected by the information asymmetry between the firms and customers (Rindova et al. 2005, p. 123). Having reviewed the rationale for the study of consumer attitude, it has been seen that there are several factors which affect consumer ...
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