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Effects of Consumerism on Society

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The paper discusses about the issue of consumerism and how it affects our society. It provides brief description of all the affects of consumerism on society. moreover, it gives an understanding of why society indulge in consumerism, and in the end give recommendations and solutions as to how society can refrain from becoming a victim of consumerism.

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Effects of Consumerism4

Material Expectations5

Loss of Human Connections and Relations5

Eliminates Self Reliance5

Separation from Humanity6

Increase in Debt6

Degrading our Environment6

Craving for More7

Solutions and Recommendations8


Effects of Consumerism on Society


Society is a relationship between certain groups. These groups thrive together and support each other through their actions. Whereas, consumerism is the movement for the protection of consumer rights from useless buying and spending. Moreover, it is also considered as the wheel that runs the economy. When these ideologies combine we can have varied effects on our society. Consumerism has both negative as well as positive effects. However, the negative effects weigh more than the positive, but the human society has been conditioned so well by the media and the governments that we do not see the long term hazardous effects of consumerism on our society. Although, people love to talk about the effects of consumerism on their lives, but they are so used to it that they just cannot let it go. There have been various studies conducted on the effects of consumerism on society and media itself raises questions about these effects. However, media is the key player that supports consumerism and helps in further strengthening its roots in our society. Consumerism is the basis of war, distress and turmoil in the world. Now the question is not about land and the rights of people, rather it's about who has the more consumers, and who can fulfill their “wants”. Countries are doing this by any means possible. Today they are battling for resources so that they can fulfill the consumers all over the world. The whole world has become a market place in which consumers are the ones that always pay the price.


Effects of Consumerism

The ideology of consumerism started in the 17th and the 18the century in Britain. However, it has been for the past 50 years that this concept has become a worldwide phenomenon. After World War II, the west started to liberate, and the concept of a welfare state emerged. Moreover, the concept of mass marketing took shape. People were prosperous and had the time and money to spend. From there onwards, the craving for goods has started. People wanted to have things that only royalties had. They started living luxurious lives; they spent time on leisure and pleasure. However, all of this is becoming harder to attain or maintain, since by now our craving for goods and materials have increased by tenfold. We crave for the things that we do not even want, we just buy those things just to impress others, and this buying and spending frenzy has left us to struggle even ...
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