Contemporary Problems In Latin America

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Contemporary Problems in Latin America


Life is beautiful! It is the privilege right of a human being to lead his or her life in a peaceful way with the right of practicing and exercising all the basic rights. Unfortunately, in this world not all the human beings are able to exercise their basic rights. This is because they are either unaware of this fundamental right or they get the guidance by some influential personality such as government and governmental authorities. In this world, there are a number of countries in which people do not have access to their basic rights and are suffering from the human rights violations and many other problems. One such part of the world is Latin America. The history related to the Latin America part of the world is very long as well as complex. Human right violation and various other problems are one of the issues that can be found stigmatized with the history of Latin America. It is the fact that many contemporary problems related to the human rights are the nub of the lifestyle and the ways in which people live and lead their lives in Latin America. In other words, it can be said that if we define the culture of Latin America then the problems related to this part of the world would be the major part of the cultural paradigm of the Latin America. This simply means that most of the contemporary problems of Latin America are inherited from the history or the lifestyle of the Latin Americans. Before discussing this statement it is indispensible to take a look on some of the contemporary problems of Latin America.

Various Contemporary Problems in Latin America

Different countries in the Latin part of America, show different condition and situations about the prevalence and violation of human rights. There are few countries such as Colombia, the issues are of the disappearances, extra-judicial executions and torture is at peak. While, there are few countries such as Peru, where a number of people spend a large proportion of their lives in jail and are accused of the subversive activities falsely (Lisa, pp. 42). Besides that, there are few countries in which violations of the human rights include the brutal attitude of police with the public, inhuman behavior with the prisoners in prison, and violations related to the rights of culture and economy.

How some Economic and Political Problems are Inherited from History

Many of its countries have drifted toward and away from democratic forms of government over many decades, but until now, it never came close to lasting. The outside world views Latin America as a backward, even medieval part of the world locked in super-traditional Catholic beliefs, governed by corrupt and iron-fisted military dictators, plagued by numerous internal wars and coups, rancid with the illegal drug trade, and crowded with impoverished, illiterate peasants. It is part of the Americas that has not, and likely will not, catch up to its northern neighbors, either economically or politically. This is one of ...
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