Contemporary Terrorism Patterns

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Contemporary Terrorism Patterns


This study intended to explain contemporary terrorism patterns in two civilization; America and Japan. In the course of the explanation it attempted to find out the similarities and differences between the two terrorist attacks that occur in two different at an interval of six years in 1995 and 2001. Somehow or the other the impact of these terrorist attacks, their response from both the citizen and regime of both countries have been discussed too. The previous research done on the issue was utilized to gather data. However, the results show that the two nations who were supposed to be the most peaceful and anti terror states when attacked by the religious terrorist groups were shocked and perplexed when experiencing the dilemma. In addition, lack of awareness about how to encounter terrorist attack was also reported in a certain case study.


Terrorism is a vast term, most of the time misinterpreted as to sending out arm forces to fight with the forces of other country or use of violent behavior in prison to deal with people who were accused of serious crimes. The term has a broad meaning in itself and can be best described in four disciplines:

1.The menace or exploitation of Violence

2.The intention to bring about a change in a regime through violence.

3.The desire to harass general population and government by committing attacks on public places.

4.The objective of killing by targeting individuals and ethnic groups internationally.

As far as state terrorism is concerned it's a serious issue by the end of the 20th century on the planet earth which has now been emerged as a global village. Discussing state terrorism in Japan, let us take a brief look at the history of this nation. It is amazing to see Japan as a country, which rises from the rubbles of the World War II and develops at a magnificent rate in the last sixty years. Japanese people are recognized as organized and laborious nation, who has a strong desire for meticulousness towards all sphere of life. Japan has the largest trading of machinery in the entire world. The author further said that once Japan was alleged of making itself as the super power of the East, now it is the most peace loving country of the world. He further said that to visualize the harmonious, organized, and peaceful environment of the country, one should visit Japan. He concluded in the last by saying that Japan has built its identification as an advance and modern country of the East, with a well preserved conventional cultural. Since 1950 Japan was hit by two disasters, one was the Aum Shinrikyo cult bio terror attack and second was the tsunami in 2011, which was a natural disaster and Japanese showed great strength for rehabilitation of the victims and rebuild the affected areas. As far as Aum Shinrikyo cult bio terror attack the consequences and repercussions will be discussed later; before proceeding further we would like to discuss America as a nation and its historical background ...
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