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Coretta Scott King

Scott King


Coretta Scott King was born April 27, 1927 in Marion, Alabama, and died January 30, 2006. She was the widow of Martin Luther King and an honest and blunt civil rights activist. She was the biggest supporter of her husband. She remained in the background for many of the civil rights initiatives her husband took. When her husband was killed in 1968, she took the onstage role as an advocate for the civil rights of the people. She acted as a link among the government and peace organizations, and also as a consultant to the leaders of the world which included President Corazon Aquino of the Philippines and Nelson Mandela of Republic of South Africa.

She was born in Marion, in the state of Alabama. She had a poor childhood, she faced poverty. Her father faced quite a lot of difficulties and he used to be harassed by her neighbors who were white people. Her mother also worked in different types of jobs to support her husband and family. She went to Marion's Lincoln High School and graduated valedictorian. Degree in Music and Education as well in 1949 and then studied voice and violin at the New England Conservatory of Music in Boston. While studying in Boston she met martin Luther king Jr., who was also studying there for her doctorate degree. They got into the beautiful relation of marriage and in June 1953 and shifted to state of Alabama


After marriage she had to be constantly looking for her husband and children, travelling all over the globe with him. She also contributed on interest of women who were working for peace. She was a delegate to the convention on Disarmament in Geneva in 1962 and often gave concerts on behalf of the civil rights movement as it continues to deal with their music. The next year, she went to Hindustan in aero plane to take delivery of the award, which was the wife of the previous year. Along the way she was able to visit Italy, where the Pope gives audience. She made a stop in Britain, where he preached in St. Paul - perhaps the first female privilege. In 1969, the main purpose of Martin Luther King Centre King for peaceful communal revolution, are planned for Atlanta, Georgia.

Mrs. King largely in the background, and some raised four children. She acted as a trophy wife for Martin Luther King. He respected and loves her very much. With more than once, but left the role of civil rights for all, and she always gives emotional support for her husband and their causes. After Martin Luther King was assassinated in 1968, she spent much of their time and energy for Martin Luther King Jr. Centre for Nonviolent Social Change, based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Coretta Scott spent her childhood on a farm of her parents, Obie Leonard Scott and Bernice McMurray Scott. After graduating from high school in Lincoln, a black private institution, Coretta Scott teaches at Antioch University in Ohio ...
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