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Corrections Timeline

Corrections Timeline

Era of 1800

Gradually, through this time span, the older "shaming" penalties like the supplies and the pillory dropped out of use. So did whipping. Fewer and less persons were hanged. Public executions became rowdy, lawless events, and numerous persons considered they were barbaric. They were halted in 1868 and from then onwards, hangings were conveyed out in personal, in prison.

For much of the 18th and the first half of the 19th 100 years transport was a widespread punishment.


Era of 1900

19th 100 years authorities were arranged to get engaged in numerous facets of humanity which authorities had not embarked into before. They intervened in manufacturers, mines and public wellbeing, set up schools and policeman. They furthermore determined to trial to explain the increasing misdeed problem. Crime was still expanding, so transport was conspicuously not working. It furthermore appeared awkward to give lawless individuals free route to Australia when other ones were giving to proceed there. Anyway, Australians were agitating to put an end to utilising their new homeland as a lawless individual dump. The response was prison.


Era of 1920-1950

Prisons had altered little since medieval times. John Howard sharp out how alarming they were in 1777 and other reformers had worked to advance them. But it was not until the 1830s that a foremost effort was made to make jail the centre of Britain's penalty scheme, which it still is. There was a urgent position as transport completed and there were not sufficient prisons. For a while 70% of prisoners were kept in the "hulks" -disused warships. Then huge prison-building events began: 90 jails were constructed between 1840 and 1877, at tremendous public expense.

There was substantial argument over what jails were for, and this influenced how they were run: the "régime" as it was called. Two large-scale concepts were ...
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