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Castle's Family Restaurant is a famous restaurants located in northern California. It has 08 restaurants with around 300-340 employees. Castle's Family Restaurant presents two unique menus and dining rooms: the Eatery Room, a casual dining room, serves both lunch and dinner in a family style ambience, and the Galaxy Room, a classical dining room, presents the visitors such pleasures as steak au poivre, chateaubriand, rack of lamb, and a seasonal game collection every night. Besides the central dining rooms, the lounge and bar present an collection of fine cocktails, wine, specialty coffee drinks and cordials. Furthermore, Castle's Family Restaurant's bakeshop offers the fresh breads served every day and desserts for the intercontinental sweet carte, that is a delightful conclusion to any lunch or dinner. Most of the employees of Castle's Family Restaurant are part-time. About 40 percent of the employees are full-time. (Byron, 2007)

Currently the operations manager is also working as the HR manager and has to go to each restaurant on weekly basis to look after HR issues such as scheduling, recruiting, hiring, and answering questions for the employees. The operations manager also has to take care of payroll using an Excel spreadsheet and has a computer application to print payroll checks.

The management of Castle's Family Restaurant is facing problems with the operations manager's hectic schedule which is also affecting his performance and with the rise in gasoline costs. Lack of proper management also affecting the HR of the restaurant's functions. All functions of HR are experiencing problems especially Staffing, Orientation, Compensation and Benefit, Training & Development, etc. Taking benefit from the latest technology, a good Information System can assist the manager to complete his HR tasks in a cost-effective manner. He will be able to perform his HR tasks easily from his office instead of traveling to each location. Therefore it is suggested that a good Human Resources Information System (HRIS) is needed to overcome problems faced by the management of Castle's Family Restaurant.


As mentioned above that proper management is strongly needed to deal with the Human Resource management of the restaurant. All functions of HR are experiencing problems especially Staffing, Orientation, Compensation and Benefit, Training & Development, etc. The main areas of HR facing problems include:

Recruiting or Staffing

Work Time

Performance Record


HR management Information system

Employee Self-Service

Benefits Administration

Appraisal performance

The main HR function chosen for analysis and the main focus for the business plan is employees recruiting or staffing. The goals of the staffing function are to locate competent employees and bring them into the organization. (Margaret, 2005)

Theory of Recruiting or Staffing

A standard moan among restaurateurs is “It's hard to find good people.” It's true that the restaurant industry has special problems that dissuade many from working in it. There's steady attrition because many restaurant workers are students, or in the process of putting together some project, and at a certain point, they'll quit. Many people get to a stage where they can no longer take the contact with a demanding public, ...
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