Courting And Marriage Culture In The Philippines

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Courting and Marriage Culture in the Philippines


The Philippines is a unique country full of beliefs and superstitions that most of the time rule over the whole cultural system. As a country with a long history of both trading and colonization with various cultures and customs, one can expect that superstitions and their variations abound. They abound in all areas and aspect of the Philippine Culture may they be a very trivial thing to a very huge event. Weddings are covered with many superstitious beliefs that have been passed down from one generation to the other. It is unexplainable why weddings are one of the most favorite occasions to be given with many superstitions. Even at these modern times, wedding superstitions rule even with the advent of changing cultural landscapes and wedding traditions. So much can be read about the most famous Philippine superstitions when it comes to weddings. The family is undoubtedly the heart of the wedding traditions in all Central American countries (Paul, pp. 1). Moreover, traditionally in Central America, if parents formulate any objection to marriage, it simply will not happen. Parents' decisions in the marriages of these countries has always played a big role, and although things are changing, parents still have their say on marriage. It is often the case because the married are generally very young. The importance of family in Central America occurs in the marriage of two other ways. First the whole family can participate actively in the organization of marriage and give its opinion that we are good at cooking, decor, sewing or music etc. And above all, the main purpose of marriage in Central America is clearly displayed and highlighted: it is indeed for a family that we marry.

Thesis Statement

In Filipino culture, men are expected to be masculine men, in addition to being potential cheaters.


Courting and Marriage Culture in the Philippines

Weird but true, most Filipinos believe that children of mixed marriages are more beautiful than children who are 100% Filipino. In the Philippines, most actresses are often mixed - Filipino-American, Filipino, Italian, Filipino, Indian, Filipino, Spanish, etc. There are various superstitions wedding in the Philippines, as the bride should not wear a pearl. Pearls are very discouraged for use as ornaments or accessories for the bride. The beads were associated with falling tears. As such, superstition says that the bride wears pearls on their wedding day will be unhappy and lonely throughout her marriage. In addition, penalties will be common for her. If the bride wants her husband to hear all the time, walk the walk. This superstition says that the bride has to walk on the foot of her boyfriend if she wants him to agree with her ??all the time. It is a symbol of domination in women. The bride, however, must do so by walking down the aisle. The groom should not be the first to sit during the ceremony. The first couple sitting in front of the bride always annoyed by the bride, superstition says. Sitting is a ...
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