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Creation Stories of Native American Based On the Inuit, Cherokee and Annishabe of Central Canada

Creation Stories of Native American Based On the Inuit, Cherokee and Annishabe of Central Canada


In the past, the Inuit were a nomadic people who survived mainly by hunting and following the seasonal movements of game. Although many Inuit now live in colonies established in Nunavut, a region in northern Canada, some keep their hunting habits Traditional. In the photograph, an Eskimo igloo with his summer, a tent made of walrus hides or seal.


In 1977, Inuit representatives from Alaska, Arctic Canada, and Greenland gathered in Barrow, Alaska, for the inaugural meeting of the Inuit Circumpolar Council (ICC). In order to create a unified position from which to deal with southern administrations, they drafted a resolution that declared the oneness of their culture, environment and land, and the wholeness of the homeland. This assertion echoes earlier ethnographic accounts of Inuit intellectual culture, which likewise celebrate consistencies in storytelling traditions across the vastness of the Inuit homeland. Drawing on the recent theoretical work of the Indigenous literary nationalists, people argue that articulations of people hood are a central feature of classic and contemporary Inuit literature. Although nationalist literary history projects risk downplaying the diversity internal to the group and its literature, they also function strategically to draw attention to the presence, significance, and rhetorical sovereignty of under-recognized literary traditions.


After the European attacks on these naïve Indians, the left over people were split into tribes which were known as the tribes of south east and further labeled as the Five Civilized Tribes namely the Cherokees, Choctaws, Chickasaws, Creeks and Seminoles. These tribes were mostly settled in the South East side of America and started to dwell there. The Cherokees were the most prominent of all the tribes. Cherokees like many were also farmers and territorial about their land. They wanted to appreciate the abundance of land allotted to them, by their Gods grace.

The word Cherokee is derived from the Choctaw language used in training. The basic meaning of this word is meant those people who lived in the mountains or caved. Earlier, these people dwelled in mostly caves and holes made into hills, where they kept them safe from any animal or mortal threat. After learning from their European counter parts, they were able to build weaponry and prepared themselves for the worst to come. They spoke a language known as Iroquoian which was an invented by Sequoyah which happened to the ancient people of the Cherokee people and were highly revered. Therefore, nightly and weekly rituals were held in order to thank their revered spirits and a lot of animal sacrifice was presented. They believed that everything which belongs to the earth has a reason to exist which means that the earth was a highly revered thing for them.

However, it is still difficult to determine how the language of these tribal Cherokees would be interoperated as they used various symbols to represent their ...
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