Comparison Of Bible And Pima Myth Of Creation

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Comparison of Bible and Pima Myth of Creation


The myths of creation are believed to have been proposed by Pima from North America. Biblical accounts and Pima Stories have been debated for decades. The following discussion will attempt to contribute to this debate by comparing the Pima and the Bible with regard to the myths of creation.


Pima Creation Stories

According to Pima legend, the creation story considers the Earth Doctor to be the creator. The Pima creation story holds that the earth doctor decided to create a place where he could abide. As a result, the creosote bush came into existence. Once the creosote bush had been created, the Earth Doctor tried to set it up right but did not manage to do so successfully attempt.

He then used a bit of dust from his breast that he flattened into a cake by dancing and singing on it. Then the Earth Doctor created black insects. The small black insects made gum on the creosote bush and the earth continued to grow until it became as large as it is now. The Earth Doctor also made the round sky to cover the world and created the gray spider to spin a web that could fasten the sky around the edges of the earth.

Pima stories believe that whites and blacks were born overseas the Navajo were sent along with war and pestilence. Atse hastiin Atse Asdzan, or First Man and First Woman, who are jealous of the prosperity of the natives - used Apache deity, after the creation taught to find herbs for medicine when they fell ill. Montezuma, the Papago Creator showed the humans how to hunt and plant corn. Furthermore, Pima legend also holds that the original creator of the world and human beings often disappears.

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