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The majority of the general population may think that the PC industry arrived along with Bill Gate's “Windows” package and “Apple's” "Therefore iMac's statement, but in reality the modern computer age began in 1971, when Intel built the first microprocessor chip in an attempt to provide more technologically adept "Calculators".

No-one could have foreseen the way the PC would influence and become an integral part of our lives. Technology has advanced at unforeseen rate and this couple with the fact that competition has never been higher means that the structure is constantly changing. Apple has built an entire brand strategy for the iPod based primarily on this customer perception principle. It is a brand experience in the sense that you become part of the campaign; and become the silhouette of the youthful, hip dancer with the white ear buds in your ears. You feel alive and colorful; and when you pass another iPod owner, you feel a sense of camaraderie. This emotional connection between the consumer and the brand is intentional, adding the Ipod logo strategy which is what differentiates the brand. This element of brand strategy speaks to the consumer on a subconscious level, which works to process feelings that heavily influence our purchasing behaviors more rapidly than our conscious awareness allows

The introduction of the MP3 format catalyzed the act of downloading music from the Internet. MP3 is a MPEG standard used for the compression of audio signals into very small computer files, and especially for transmitting music digitally over the Internet.

This compression has radically minimized the time take to download such music files and along with the relatively small size of these files, hundred even thousands can be stored on a computer without filling the hard drive. A continually evolving technological society has also lead to the development of portable devices with the ability to store and play MP3 files. Such devices include; the Apple iPod, the MP3 Player and the mobile phone. How music is played and in which device it is played on is generally not of an issue, but significant issues can arise with regard to the source of the music files and how they are used. (Gina Davis 2008 Pp. 44) Apple computer and its strategic operationProsSales of its iPod music player had increased its second quarter profits tremendously. The favorable iPod brand perception had also increased sales of Macintosh computers. So iPod gives the company access to a whole new series of segments that buy into other parts of the Apple brand. Sales of its notebooks products are also very high, and represent a huge contribution to income for Apple. The massive profits made could then be pumped into developing news products like iPod Video or better marketing schemes for existing products. Apple Company has the opportunity to develop its iTunes and music player technology into a mobile phone ...
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