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Apple touch IPod

Product: IPod

My New IPod: Apple touch IPod


Fundamentally, IPod is a brand of portable media players designed and marketed by Apple Inc. and filed on October 23 of 2001. IPod's success is contributed to its performance which is provided by the attractive and unbeatable functions.

My IPod is a palm-sized, power tools, initially designed for the purpose of music player. As alternative of walkman and other portable music players, but now mainly applied to large areas of music player and its alternative development, including the technical progress of the IPod is also used for communication purposes. Although my IPod is well-designed, and very successful - Apple makes all efforts to take into account the user experience first and then designed around this idea IPod - the company is very lucky launched in due course, the appropriate product.

Not only do I have access to any site on customized version for the i-Phone screen, with the thousands of remixes, videos, photos and other goodies online for free as well as chats between fans integration with the added bonus of a Google earth plug-in that allows me to inform everyone where I am.

IPod one of the most significant features is its near-global appeal. In the MP3 market, Apple has a similar Microsoft's domination. It shares about 75% of total MP3 and portable music players' devices. Consumer buyer behavior

The consumer is considered in the marketing as the sovereign authority, and somehow that companies have to meet their needs in a process of constant adaptation, whereby experts intuit these needs and implement strategies as appropriate to meet them.

The act of purchase or buying process is as an activity aimed at solving a problem: the satisfaction of a need. The process of buying involved the sets of action that allow the buyer to find a solution to problem. Through this process we can divide this process into following steps:

Recognizing the need for an IPod

The purchasing process begins with the recognition of necessity, as I felt that my status, my personality and my values are so much established that technology and fashion must reflect side by side and equipment and tools accompanied me must be multifunction working, when the buyer (me) recognizes a problem or deficiency. At this stage, marketers had investigated consumers to find out what kinds of needs or problems rose, what it that caused the and how was the consumer led to that particular product like a portable music player other then walkman and traditional devices for portability.

Gathering information about IPod

It is the stage at which the consumer is sufficiently stimulated to seek more information. I do this by searching that what are available products that are portable, stylish and multifunction. For this purpose, I used many sources; including:

Personal sources: family, friends, neighbors or acquaintances

Commercial Sources: Advertising, sellers, distributors, exhibitors

Public Sources: Media, consumers rating organizations

Finally, I came to know about Apple IPod invention, the IPods are changing point of music ...
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