The Marketing Elements And Customs

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The Marketing Elements and Customs

The Marketing Elements and Customs

The age of technological revolution has given rise to the advancements in technology. Most of the developments that have been introduced in the last many years include the innovation in technology, and launching of advanced products and services by analyzing the environmental trends and changing fashions.

Talking about a specific product of the developments in the field of communication, iPod has brought the new, innovative and sophisticated expertise in the world.

The technology of iPod belongs to a range of handy media players which was launched on October 23, 2001 and has been marketed and designed by Apple. At present, the line up of Apple's products consists of the touch screen iPod Touch, the ultra-compact iPod Shuffle, hard drive-based iPod Classic, and the compact iPod Nano. The classic models of iPod are able to store media on the internal hard drive, and the other models utilize the flash memory. The iPods possessing large memory and storage capacities have become very popular in their domains. (Brad, 2010)

Many environmental trends exist which have influence the demand of the communication products and services. The first major factor is demographics. It refers to the level of income, age, gender and education prevailing in a particular group of people. The target market of iPod, according to the relevant demographic segments, includes those younger people or youth who are wealthier, richer and have the proper know-how of using such special technology-related gadgets. The increase in urbanization has resulted in the rising demands for such sophisticated electronic gadgets. However, since the population in United States is aging, these high profile electronic gadgets may face a declining demand some time in near future. (Chulong, 2007)

The introduction of advanced technology is also giving an edge to the ...
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