Marketing Elements And Custom “ipod”

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Marketing Elements and Custom “IPod”


IPod is a palm-sized, power tools, mainly applied to large areas of music player, but now days, alternative development, including the technical progress of the IPod is also used for communication purposes.

Target audience

For the IPod's core target market is young adults and adolescents. IPod music player has differentiated market segmentation in the age, sex and characteristics of the image of desire. The goal is for people who have a passionate hobby, especially in the technology and music and literature. IPod is a unique attraction unlike any other music player, a wide range of age and personality. Customers buy products not only to buy its core interests, but the Apple brand loyalty. (Cohen, 2006)

Determine Objectives

IPod is really just a simple music player. According to the model, it can also play videos, audio books, and can display photos. It has games, contacts, menu, clock, calendar, alarm clock, notes, and other things. In the IPod supports MP3, M4A, etc., M4P, AAC format, AAC +, and Apple Lossless music formats. The IPod touch also supports Wi-Fi, maps, e-mail, YouTube, a built-in Web browser, a built-in iTunes store, and many other features.

Design Communications

A marketing strategy of Apple enterprise, especially as a multinational company, is not found in black and white spread on Google, however, to understand the success of the manufacturer at the apple, several factors associated with them can bring out some strategic aspects.

The basis of everything, for a company that competes on the international market as Apple is local adaptation. It's actually an international segmentation (e.g. like McDonalds Mc Arabia via its products or Hallal). Consumer expectations and market shares of Apple vary by country that is why the communication has to be differentiated.

As part of Apple, its reputation precedes it. ...
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