Credit Crunch And Its Impact On Real Estate Market

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Credit Crunch And Its Impact On Real Estate Market



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In this study we try to explore the concept of “Credit Crunch and it's Impact on Real Estate Market” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on “Credit Crunch” and its relation with “Real Estate Market”. The research also analyzes many aspects of “Credit Crunch” and tries to gauge its effect on “market of Real Estate”. Finally the research describes various factors which are responsible for “Credit Crunch” and tries to describe the overall effect of “Credit Crunch” on “Real Estate Market”.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Background of the study6

Problem Statement7

Research Aims and Objectives7

Significance of the Study7

Rationale/ Nature of the study8

Hypothesis/Research Question8


Defining the Credit Crunch9

A great recession10

Historical Experiences and Traumas12

Impact of Credit Crunch over Real Estate18

France does not suffer credit crunch19

The smash of 200820

The Impact of Lehman's Demise20


Research Design23

Literature selection criteria23

Keywords used23





This study covers the impact of Credit Crunch that have occurred in the previous times, what impacts has credit crunch have had on an economy's functioning and how far have the consequences and leakages seeped in the country itself.

Background of the study

 Stock market assist accelerated economic development through creation of liquidity by playing a significant function in boosting the savings mobilization and effectively assigning the capital for investment activities in several modes as follows:

First, stock market can be utilized as a vehicle for lifting equity capital for firms. Stock market may furthermore take bigger function in evolving nations where personal sector suggests a large demand for equity finance.

Second, stock market in general, can endow investors to diversify their riches over a kind of financial instruments and decrease the cost of capital by decreasing the investors' risk premium. The outcome should boost the investment grades and enhance economic development.

Third, stock market can present a screening and supervising function by relying on the data and judgment of many participants. Stock charges rapidly contemplate the alterations in inherent standards and show profitable investment opportunities.  

Lastly, the public companies, which are constituents of the stock market, will not make any conclusions without contemplating the shareholders and communal responsibilities. The outcomes of advancing in business management should be assisted to economic development (Stock Exchange of Dubai [SET], 1998).

Problem Statement

The difficulty of this study is the impact of how far does the credit crunch has its impact on the real estate industry and that what the repercussions of this crunch are.

Research Aims and Objectives

Objectives of research and ...
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