The Impact Of Credit Crunch On Housing Market In United Kingdom

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The Impact of Credit Crunch on Housing Market in United Kingdom



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The proposal titled “the impact of credit crunch on Uk housing market” is aimed to develop a better understanding on the subject by making a contrast between theory and actual events that occurred in the post crunch period. The study will be conducted by means of qualitative research methodology which will improve overall validity and reliability of the study. In the course of this study, the researcher will take into accounts all aspects of rigour and ethics. Credit crunch is the lack of overall availability of loans or the sudden emphasize upon the conditions required to obtain a loan from banks. The effect that the credit crunch had on the housing markets was felt through the inter-related effects that were seen on development, occupational demand and investments. The effects on the housing investment market were the first to appear. They resulted due to the sharp changes in the activities of pricing and investment. Overall, this study will fill the gap in the literature that has been there.

Working title

The Impact of Credit Crunch on Housing Market in United Kingdom

Aims & Objectives

The fundamental aim of this research is to study the impact of the credit crunch that occurred in 2007 on the mortgage market in general and specifically the UK housing market. This aim will be accomplished by achieving the following objectives:

To identify the causes of credit crunch

To explore the outcomes of credit crunch on overall country's economy.

To study the relationship between credit crunch and housing market in UK

To propose recommendations to avert any such crisis in the future


The credit crunch was the direct outcome of the endeavors that were made to protect the British banks which had been deeply involved in U.S. subprime market in the form of investment. UK Banks have been suffering as the economic activities decreased due to the credit crisis (Lin and my 2010, 290). The general level of prices in the housing sector has witnessed a sharp rose in which 3 percent rose in inflation level also played its part. The increased level of inflation and general price level have eroded the purchasing power of the consumers pushing the demand downwards. As a result of this, people ...
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