Credit Risk Management In Major Banks Of United Kingdom

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Credit Risk Management in Major Banks of United Kingdom


Research Proposal

What is the general area that you are interested in?

Credit risk management

What is your 'working' dissertation or project title? (This is likely to change as the dissertation or project evolves but you should be able to define a working title for the present).

Credit Risk Management in Major Banks of United Kingdom

What are the aims and objectives of the Project or Dissertation?

Credit risk is considered as an inherited risk in the banking sector. Many banks in United Kingdom do not take necessary measures to reduce this risk. This behaviour may result in serious troubles for banks individually, as well for the whole economy of the country. The main aim of this dissertation will be critical examination of credit risk management practices in the selected major banks of United Kingdom, especially those implemented after the credit crisis of financial year 2007 till 2012. The dissertation will also attempt to identify the tools and techniques used by the selected major banks of United Kingdom to reduce the credit risk. Moreover, the paper will also investigate the implementation of Basel III requirements for credit risk management in banks. This dissertation will also attempt to propose efficient and effective recommendations for banks in order to improve their credit risk management.

What specific research questions or hypotheses do you intend to examine?

Do the practices of selected major banks of United Kingdom for credit risk management match the international standards of credit risk management?

Have credit exposure and lending evaluation quality changed significantly among the selected banks in the last few years, especially after the credit crises of 2007-2012?

What techniques have been adopted by the selected banks to manage their credit risk management in these past few years?

Dose the current practices by the banks to manage credit risk, satisfy the requirements of Basel III? 

List the names of any organisations from which you will seek collaboration and/or co-operation?

Barclays bank, Lloyds banking group and HSBC bank are the major banks of United Kingdom that will be used for examination in the dissertation.

Specify the sources of primary and secondary data and how you will gain access to the data and information that you intend to use. (These may be documentary sources such as company reports and/or a particular group of people that you intend to sample).

The mix method of research would be adopted for this research study. Primary research is an approach to gather first hand information. Primary data collection is better in comparison to the secondary sources of data. Interviews will be conduct and the data will be analyzed to meet the aim and objectives of the research study. In order to examine the practices of the bank related to credit risk management, polices of the selected major banks of United Kingdom would be reviewed.

Summarise the research methods that you will use to gather data and information from the sources in 6.

The primary data for the research would be collected through individual interviews from the staff and management of the selected ...
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