Criminal Profiling

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Criminal Profiling

Goals of Criminal Profiling


Life is beautiful! But various cruel incidents of life make our heart and our selves hopeless and dead. Some people cannot bear the pain of these misfortune events that life show to us and ultimately they want an escape from facing all this by choosing a way which not only harms others but also harmful for their own self. Such people choose a path of wrong doings and indulge in activities that are an offense of criminal laws, rules and regulation. Such people can enjoy by getting benefits from these activities of a criminal offense for a short time but eventually they end up spending some part or the whole life in prison in punishment. Those who commit a serious and severe nature of a criminal offense have to suffer from punishment for the lifetime while others only spend some part of life in prison. In this situation, the most difficult and important task is to detain them and protect the society from these criminals. Catching these criminals is a studious and challenging task. In order to perform this job of arresting the criminals law and enforcement agencies and police adopt different techniques and methods. One such method that is used is of criminal profiling. The aim and objective of this paper is to talk about the goals of criminal profiling.


Criminological profile can be defined as an estimate about the biographical characteristics and lifestyle responsible for a number of serious crimes and have not yet been identified. Professionals who have been commissioned to practice criminal profiling have historically included a large spectrum of researchers, behavioral scientists, social scientists and forensic experts. Criminal profiling is a tool that helps you get specific information to streamline the criminal investigation, also provides information to the police on more appropriate ...
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