Criminal Profiling

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Criminal Profiling

Criminal profiling


Serial crimes, especially those that are compulsive, repetitive, and sexually motivated, have plagued society since pre modern times. Because serial crimes are often harder to solve than non serial offences, law enforcement frequently uses the skills and knowledge of behavioural scientists to assist in an investigation. The FBI instituted the technique of investigative profiling in a systematic way in the late 1970's. But, as with many new techniques, different schools of thought have emerged, along with their respective devotees, many enthusiastically supportive of their own methods and some rather critical of different approaches. Fortunately, this book stays clear of ad hominem critique and instead reports the state of the art in a clear and objective manner. The chapters on profiling cover history, reasoning processes, the use of profiling evidence, schools of thought, and the treatment of profiling by the media. The book is well balanced inasmuch as it dispassionately discusses the pitfalls and problems of behavioural profiling as well as describing the contributions the technique has made. Currently criminology itself as a multidisciplinary science and interdisciplinary occurs preferentially at a multifaceted approach. Indeed, there is one universal cause of action criminal, but a shifting constellation of possible variables causal (Kretschmer, 1970).


According to the research, it is not wrong to say that multidisciplinary approach is one of the best approaches of identifying criminal profiles and making judgments depending on the investigations. Criminological profile can be defined as an estimate about the biographical characteristics and lifestyle responsible for a number of serious crimes and have not yet been identified. The purpose of this profile is to define the characteristics of the suspect to reduce the range of possible culprits and help the police focusing and restricting research opportunities by empowering them to focus on realistic targets. This point is ...
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