Critical Analysis On Camille Well's Article

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Critical Analysis on Camille Well's Article

Critical Analysis on Camille Well's Article


In the past, scholars have focused on buildings in the Virginia Northern Neck area that are not representative of how the landscape appeared to the majority of people in the eighteenth century. In order to have a better understanding of eighteenth century Virginia, one cannot only examine the large houses of the wealthy minorities but must evaluate all building types in the region, from smaller houses to outbuildings. To accomplish this in the article, Wells divides her observations into two separate sections: the countryside and the buildings.

Thesis Statement

We need to be conscious of information that can expand our views of what the Northern Neck landscape entailed in the eighteenth-century.

Support for thesis

According to the author, the countryside consisted mainly of waterways and woods with fields dispersed throughout. It was a humble scene where the majority of the people owned little or no land but, instead, worked as tenant farmers on larger properties. When describing the buildings, Wells focuses on the architecture of the outbuildings rather than that of the main house. Both the size and number of these dependencies, whether they were kitchens, smokehouses, dairies, tobacco sheds, or barns, varied depending on the resources and priorities of the landowner. She accumulates most of this information through contemporary newspaper advertisements with detailed descriptions of buildings, which did not survive because of their impertinent construction.

Camille called the Northern Neck? the garden of Virginia. The Northern Neck offers visitors a collection of small towns? beautiful landscape? interesting museums? historical homes? and lovely lodging? as well as a variety of shopping and dining. First and foremost? visitors can explore and enjoy nature in the Northern Neck. With over 6?500 acres of natural areas and preserves? visitors are sure to encounter animals? see birds? and find interesting species of plants and trees. Belle Isle State Park (733 acres? 7 miles of shoreline)? Caledon Natural Area (2?579 acres? 3.5 miles of shoreline)? Northern Neck Audubon Society (plenty of trails)? and Westmoreland State Park (1?299 acres? 1.5 miles of shoreline) are just a few of the beautiful areas specifically meant for visitors to take pleasure in the natural environment. According to the Audubon Society? the Northern Neck is home to over 250 species of birds? and the Caledon Natural Area is the largest summer roosting sites for the American Bald Eagle.

Within the Northern Neck? visitors will find ...
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