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Comprehensive critiques of research articles are needed to identify the research findings that should be used by management theorists and organisational leaders to implement the conclusion of this research paper. This critique will comprise of a comprehensive examination of the strengths and weaknesses of the title, abstract, purpose, literature review, investigative studies, conceptual framework, hypothesis or research questions, research design, and sample of study utilized by the authors. Pertinent critique models, standards, guidelines and methodologies shall be utilized for assessing the quantitative and qualitative research covered in the research paper.


This research paper tends to perform a comprehensive literature review of the research paper, which is authored by P. Christopher Earley and Elaine Mosakowski and is titled as “Creating Hybrid Team Cultures: An Empirical Test of Transnational Team Functioning”. The research paper appears in the Academy of Management Journal, volume 43 from pages 26 to 49.

The title is comprehensively designed and generally reflects the purpose of the research in a well supportive manner. The purpose of the research i.e. a quantitative and qualitative investigation of the influence of diverse and transnational teams on an organisation's performance and overall efficiency is well evident in the title.

However, there seems to be certain weaknesses of the title in the form that it contains a bit of technical jargon. When analysis of quantitative research is to be made, the research audience faces a many types of field specific or specialist terminology. It is imperative to be proverbial with this specialized vocabulary or jargon to be capable of interpreting the report or the research. Moreover, the relationship between organisational performance and the homogenous or heterogeneous nature of teams is not clearly evident from the title. Another important weakness, particularly in the sense that the research paper is based on qualitative reasoning and thus it is questionable whether the influence could be expressed in quantitative terms (Maxwell 1996).


The critical analysis of the articles explains the initial literature which is normally considered by the organizations for the sake of providing a direction and further crucial guidance to its leaders and employees. The research paper discusses the concepts such as team, diversity, homogenous and heterogeneous nature of individuals' background of team members and the cumulative effect of these variables towards performance.

Workforce diversity plays a pivotal role when it comes to dealing with challenges and competition at a global level. Changes in the nature and work processes of organization have increased the need for a diverse workforce. Changing technology and innovations are the major contributors to the increased demand of a diverse workforce. Organizations catering to the client across the border must hire people belonging to that particular culture and environment. Customer's preferences and need for products with latest features and technology is another very important factor that gives rise to the need of diversity in human resources. As work processes and methods transform ...
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