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Various Ways Cryptography Is Deployed In Information Systems

Various Ways Cryptography Is Deployed In Information Systems


The electronic age has brought forth many technological advances. With these advances came the need for security and tighter control on how we send information electronically over the Internet or through a network. Date encryption is, in its simplest terms, the translation of data into a secret code. In order to read an encrypted file, the receiver of the file must obtain a secret key that will enable him to decrypt the file. A deeper look into cryptography, cryptanalysis, and the Data Encryption Standard (DES) will provide a better understanding of date encryption.

Cryptography, through various means, warrant that communication between command and control centers in the military remain authentic between forces. They do this by using a one-time pad it contains a set of numbers representing words and word phrases. After the given message is decoded, the sheet with the codes and phrases used is destroyed, and the codes used only once, hence the name one-time pad . Several other regions cryptography is used is in secure communication. NATO forces share secure radios, so the enemy has little no chance of determining the whereabouts of the force, anticipated extraction points, points of entry, and the like.

Cryptography has ensured national security in the past. The Venona project, undertaken by the Army Signal Intelligence Service in 1943, was fabricated to break, decipher, and read coded messages from the Soviet Union, all in complete secrecy (Radosh, 1995). They were to provide proof of the involvement of the Rosenbergs in a major espionage operation from World War II. From 1947-1952, Ethel and Julius Rosenberg were leaders of a spy ring intended to steal plans from the United States atomic arsenal, through the Manhattan project.

Cryptographic Methods

There are two standard methods of cryptography, ...
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