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Cyber Security

Cyber Security


In the history of cultural, political, and economic development of any society transportation has played a significant role such as the movement of all type of goods and people from one place to other. There are various moods of transportation such as sea, air, and land. Air transport is considered as an effective mobility for goods and people and it promoted the sustainable development of internationally networked economy and society. Airport is a complex infrastructure used each year by several people for travelling. Thus, it us proper infrastructure is required to facilitate passengers. No doubt, communication and information technology plays an important role in building effective and secure infrastructure to facilitate customers (Park, 2009).

When the data security of a company is attacked, the consequences are financially costly and potentially very serious for the continuation of the activity. The concept of airport security completely changed forever after the incident on September 11 2001. The number of cyber attacks against U.S. has "more than doubled", while the financial losses they have caused has increased by 40%. On average, losses from these cyber attacks amounted to $ 8.9 million in 2012, an increase of 6% compared to 2011 and by 38% compared to 2010. Organizations surveyed experienced an average of 102 successful attacks per week this year, against 72 in 2011 and 50 in 2010. Most of these attacks are due to spoofed codes, denial of access, equipment stolen or pirated, or people inside malicious recounts this report. Incident of 9/11 was the most memorable and davasting for Americans along with several other people in the world. However, airplanes were not targeted by terrorist for the first time it has been happening since many years. Because of the security threat, people are not willing to travel through airplanes which is badly affecting financial sector of America. Prior to the 70s American airports had minimal security arrangements to prevent the hijacking of planes. The measures were introduced starting in the late 60's after several high-profile hijackings.


The aim of this paper is to explore how International airport's information system infrastructure (with a focus on internal operations of an airport) can be secured against cyber attacks.


The transportation security administration has implemented effective security processes in airports everywhere. A technology released in Israel in early 2008 allows passengers to pass through metal detectors without removing their shoes a process required as walk-though gate detectors are not reliable in detecting metal in shoes or on the ends of lower body. Alternately, the passengers do a step completely fitted onto a device that explores in under 1.2 seconds for small objects such as razor blade. In some country, specially trained individuals may engage passengers in a conversation detect threats rather than solely relying on equipment to find threats.

Currently biometrics and intruder detection systems are used to track workforce at the airport. On the other hand X-rays technology and enhanced body scanners are used for baggage and passenger screening. In order to identify passengers, new technologies ...
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