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McBride Security Policy

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McBride Security Policy

Security Policy

The term security policy is usually defined as the set of requirements defined by directly or indirectly responsible for a system that indicates in general terms what is and is not allowed in the area of security for the general operation of the system.

A security policy can be prohibitive, if everything is not expressly permitted is denied, or permissive, if everything is not expressly prohibited is allowed. Obviously the first approach is much better than the second in order to maintain the security of a system, in this case the policy would provide for all activities that can be made in systems, and the rest - those not covered - would be considered illegal (

The globalization of financial services, synergized by the growing sophistication technology, has created a framework within which the activities of entities aimed at providing these services become increasingly diverse and complex. In not so distant past, the security of such information is simplified. Thus, it was sufficient to protect the most important documents under lock and keep employees safe on putting that knowledge on security guards.

McBride Financial Services

McBride provides various financial services which include new mortgage and refinance, credit repair, foreclosure help and mortgage audits services (

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Electronic systems invaded the offices, forcing the system evolving security to accompany the deployment of such tools. And a emergence of the Internet (a large public network with few rules and almost no guards), which is accessed by millions of users (including organizations still the most) completed a picture of the situation in which the absence of adequate protection of information assets is the ideal breeding ground for consummation of all crimes. Similar to other crimes, the quantification of the costs and losses information security and cyber attacks ...
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