Data, Database And Database Management System

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Data, Database and Database Management System

Data, Database and Database Management System


Databases , or databases, are collections of information that are related in a way that creates a sense are of vital importance for companies, and for two decades became the main part of information systems. There are usually several years without changes in its structure.

They are operated by Management Systems Database (DBMS), which emerged in the 70s. Prior to these, applications used file systems of the operating system to store your information. In the 80 relational DBMS technology has come to dominate the market, and currently uses it almost exclusively. Another type is the remarkable Object-Oriented DBMS, for when its structure or applications that use change constantly.

The main application of database is control of business operations. Another important application is also information management studies, as do the Geographical Database, which together with conventional spatial information.

Components of a database system

The database system is running along with the DBMS to manage data in the database. A DBS provides the persistent storage as well as the consistency of the user data of an institution and with the DBMS provides an interface to query, manipulate and manage this data.

Database Management System

The database management system (DBMS) is the software that is installed on the database system and configured. The DBMS defines the database model, has to secure a majority of the following criteria and decisive impact on functionality and speed of the system. Database management systems themselves are highly complex software systems. The desired DBMS is a critical decision. For database management system is (rarely), the term database management system used (DBMS). Consistently is the abbreviation for an RDBMS relational database management system .


In theory is meant by database is a logically related database. This database is managed by a current ...
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