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Marketing Plan

Marketing Plan


DELL is considered to be the second largest company in the computer industry in the world. It was founded by Michael Saul Dell (born on 23rd Feb, 1965). He is now among one of the richest people in the world. Dell will develop lot more products which will prove their breakthrough performances over the 50 years. This will eventually provide an ample percentage of the innovative product measurement instrument market.

PEST Analysis


Dell Australia has been working in the industry as a global player. Thus, it needs to comply with national laws of the countries it is operating in, for example, employment regulations, tax payments, custom duty, etc. Furthermore, Dell business is highly affected by the data protection laws and international privacy rights (Gielens, p.66).


Economic trends, for example, inflation and regression factors, might deter the purchasing power of consumers and the economy. These factors strongly influence the IT Industry. Moreover, the global market is considered to be a beneficial market for the creative and innovative companies as there might be some cheap technology provided by foreign markets. Higher tariffs might decrease purchasing power of customers, which causes shifting in consumer buying habits and perception. This in turn, affects and leads to loss in revenues for companies and their partners.

Dell is working under the industrial machinery sector. This industry is responsible in producing computers, engine and other electronic equipment. Economic factors with stable and strong GDP in United Kingdom provides a healthy market for business of Dell. Even though, increasing rate of GDP in UK is not that high, however, the stability can balance this negative factor (Endicott, p.335).


Dell Australia is an innovation-based company which has brought change in the lifestyle of people. It has also contributed in bringing a change in management of business operations. Cultures have also experienced some changes with the presence of computer technology. People have become more dependent on this technology for various operations. By 2015, there will twice as many users of Internet as today. There will around more than ten billion computer devices in the future. In the near future, there will be an increase in the mobile Internet users will exceed the number of desktop users. With the growth of computer technology, there is an up rise in cyber crimes, web and mobile phone frauds.


Technology is the backbone of computer industries like Dell, IBM, Intel, etc. Technology can be tremendously beneficial as well as extremely destructive at time. Thus, it can create numerous threat and opportunities that must be considered by companies operating in the computer business while formulating strategies. The technological advancement affects the company's, services, products, competitive and market position. Technology has also developed new markets, which have changed, the company's competitive cost positions in the industry and has rendered the current services and products as obsolete (Chow, p.46).

Being one of the nations who were adept to use the computer and the Internet for the first time, the European society is truly mush acclimatized to ...
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