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Response to Admission Question for Dental School

Response to Admission Question for Dental School

Question 3) Describe an experience in dentistry.

Everyone has something valuable to share in his life that has a long lasting impact on one's life. My story, which I would like to share with you, is about then time when I was in 6th year of the dental program. In our university, it is compulsory for all students to undertake an on-campus dental program in University hospital for practicing dentistry. I gained a lot of knowledge and practical experience about dentistry and role that a dental student has to play as a dentist in his professional life.

I worked on numerous in-house dental projects of the hospital. I was assigned duties to treat minor dental problems of a patient who visit the hospital. Once in a late afternoon, a female patient, aged around 60 years, visited the hospital for the partial denture of her upper jaw. As my routine practice, I asked her calmly to sit on dental chair. After a brief introduction, I inquired about her medical history regarding dental problems. After a short while during the conversation, I came to know that the patient had listening problems. This created little problem for me to talk to her and ask her to follow my directions during the dental procedure properly. I encountered such problems few times earlier also, and consequently got command on how to handle the situations. The patient who has any impairment is always easy to be vulnerable. My primary objective, in the situation, was to provide the best treatment to the patient and ensuring that she does not have a feeling of discrimination.

The women had only three tooth left in her upper jaw; due to sensitive condition of the patient, I needed an extended time to do partial denture compare to normal treatment time. Being a last year dentistry student although enhances my skills to a considerable extent, but I was still lacking the mastery skills as an experience doctor. Therefore, responsibility increased on my behalf in the situation to provide the best care to the patient. I paid more time to the patient and had to kept patient a little bit longer after official time ensure accuracy of treatment. The patient was highly cooperative in the situation and followed my instructions exactly as I told her to do.

I received good ratings by the advisor for the procedure. However, during the denture fixation day, when I tried it on the patient, I experienced difficulties due to inappropriate points in the structure of the denture. In order to provide optimum care, I paid two hours attentively to provide the best care to the patient. The woman was highly delighted by the attention and treatment care given to her. Although she was not a wealthy woman, but in order to recognize my services, she gave me 200VND, in addition to the 800VND denture fee. On my refusal, she told me that it is my award for my ...
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