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General Dentistry1





Fixed braces4

Removable braces4

Functional Devices4




Cosmetic Dentistry5

Oral Surgery6

Dental Treatments6

Teeth Whitening6

In Office Whitening7

At Home Bleaching7

Porcelain veneers7

Crown and bridge8

Gum treatment9


Nitrous Oxide and Sedation10

Scaling and Polishing11

Hollywood Smile11

Full Mouth Rehabilitation12

Orthognathic Surgery13

Preventive Dentistry14

Dental Emergencies14



Root Canal Therapy16


Dental Imaging technologies17

3D Radiology17

Cerec CAD/CAM17

Digital Cameras17



General Dentistry

General dentistry refers to the care provided to all age groups in regards to their teeth health. It includes diagnosis and treatment of dental issues of all kind. It also includes methods for prevention and therapy of common dental conditions. It includes providing services for different problems. Composite fillings, cosmetic dentistry, crowning and root canal are some of the most common services offered by the general dentist. The general dentist is also helped by support staff, which includes dental assistants, dental technicians, hygienists and therapists (Aristidou 2010).

We give importance to oral health of our patients, and we will provide you with all the essential treatments to ensure the highest level of dental hygiene. Our dentists will ensure that you are informed of all the steps that you need to take in order to maintain good dental health.


Pedodontics is simply termed as paediatric dentistry. It is the specialization in diagnosis, treatment and prevention of teeth problems in infants and children below sixteen. A dentist has to specialize in this field by receiving two to three years of training. A specialized dentist in this field is called pedodontist. They provide help in maintenance of milk teeth until they are naturally replaced. They also guide their patients towards keeping nutritious diet, which is vital for dental hygiene (Top3Dentists).

Our primary mission is to ensure preventive measures being employed to encourage good dental habits. Our focus is on education, detection and vital treatment of dental diseases. Dental procedures are very painful for children. They may produce ill psychological effects in children if not done carefully. By taking care and having regular dental visits, children can keep free of dental decay and enjoy a lovely smile. We have very able and compassionate doctors that ensure that children will be comfortable in their regular visits. Some common procedures in child dental care include restoring decayed teeth, root canal therapy, crowning of damaged teeth and placement of dental spacers. We also manage dental emergencies and trauma.


It is the speciality which focuses on repair and replacement of teeth. It includes esthetic and cosmetic procedures. The people who specialize in this are skilled at the dynamics of a smile. Our prosthodontists are well trained in these regards. They are the architects of dental treatment plans. They use state of the art technologies to ensure a beautiful smile. We can restore and improve the appearance of a smile by using various treatments. Some of these include replacement of damaged teeth with crowns or veneers, the use of prostheses and replacement of missing teeth by bridges. Our procedures also include management of TMJ disorders and bruxism. We also fabricate removable dentures and provide restoration of occlusion.


It is the dental speciality that involves the maintenance and knowledge of pulp and tissues surrounding the root of the ...
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