Design Of A Solar Powered Racing Automobile

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Design of a Solar Powered Racing automobile

Design of a Solar Powered Racing automobile


Task 13

World Solar Challenge3

North American Challenge6

Solar vehicles prospect14

Objective 216

Crucial factrors16

Rolling resistence17

Solar array power18

Components utilised to supply solar power:25


Components used to provide solar power:27


Aerodynamic Optimization of a Solar Cars34

Objective 337

Using a software37

Software use in solar cars38



Design of a Solar Powered Racing automobile

Task 1

World Solar Challenge

The World Solar Challenge is a solar-energy car race which covers 3051 km (1,887 miles) throughout the Australian Outback, from Darwin to Adelaide. The race fascinates teams from the different countries of the world, the majority of which are fielded by educational institutions or corporations even though some are fielded by colleges. The race has a 22-year history spanning ten races, with the opening event taking place in 1988. well-organized balancing of power resources and power utilization is the key to accomplishment during the race. At any instant in time the best driving speed depends on the conditions (forecast) and the remaining ability of the batteries. The team associates in the (normal) escort cars will incessantly remotely retrieve data from the solar car concerning its condition and make use of these data as input for prior developed computer softwares to work out the best driving policy.

It is equally significant to charge the batteries as much as probable in periods of daytime when the car is not racing. To confine as much solar-energy as probable, the solar panels are usually directed such that these are perpendicular to the incident sun rays. Often the complete car is tilted for this reason. Special mention should furthermore be made in consider to the tireless work of the happening volunteers, agents from the International Solar Federation and Confederation of Australian Motor Sport, and the happening administration group and staff. An happening of this environment is all about participation but exceptional acknowledgement should furthermore be granted to the groups from Tokai University and OSU Solar Car Project, the victors in the 2009 World Solar Challenge and Adventure categories respectively. Equally in the Eco Challenge all participants - Holden, Ford, Skoda, Hyundai, Kia, Suzuki, Mini, and the Deep Green Research, Annesely College and Top Gear Magazine groups - accomplished spectacular results. The Global Green Challenge, an evolution of the acclaimed World Solar Challenge, is the world's premier, traverse continental showcase of the newest improvement in solar, electric driven, hybrid, and alternate power reduced emission cars.

The World Solar Challenge, the pre-eminent solar vehicle happening in the world was pioneered by the South Australian Tourism Commission and was undertook for the 10th time in 2009. With the happening now under the stewardship of the South Australian Motor Sport Board, and with an expansion of its relevance being made to encompass output and prototype alternate power vehicles in supplement to solar vehicles, its future is absolutely assured. That future encompasses a total firm promise to the continuance of the significance of the World Solar Challenge for solar vehicles as a foundation of the ...
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