Solar Power And How It Impacts The Environment

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Solar Power and How It Impacts the Environment

Solar power and how it impacts the environment

A Solar Power Home takes the action of the light from sun and changing it into an energy source. The solar power home reduces the use regular power sources in backwoods areas, and is now making inroads to more urban areas. A Solar power home includes, lighting, architectural designs, and cooking. The solar power home has become still more popular as the price of fossil fuel keeps on rising, as well as the toll it takes on the environment. Solar panels are designed to accumulate the energy from the sun, where it is sent to a storage device(battery) until it is needed by a solar power home. (Butti and Perlin, 2005)

When solar energy is garnered by the solar panels it has to be changed to provide energy to a solar power home. This can be accomplished by a process called solar thermal application which means using the energy from the sun to directly heat up air or liquids to energize a solar power home. The action of photoelectric application involves the use of photovoltaic cells to change the energy into electricity for a solar power home (Butti and Perlin, 2005)

The solar power home places no harm to the surroundings and environment. Still, other threats to the environment may affect the solar power home of the future. Global dimming is the result of contamination of the air. It allows less sunshine to reach the surface of the planet.

The Solar Electric Power Association is an establishment of electric public utility companies and the solar power home industry. They united in collaboration to find answers to meet our energy needs for a solar power home. SEPA is a network of more than a hundred companies. Fifty are public utility companies, twenty five are solar companies, and the rest are various types of business organisations. They share experiences, knowledge, and data about solar programs, They also discuss policies and technology relating to their field. (Butti and Perlin, 2005)

Is a solar power home right for you? There are advantages to using this as a safe alternative to fossil fuel. Solar energy is free. It can be used in areas where electricity can't be set up easily. The sun is not a resource that is going to be depleted. Disadvantages are that it doesn't work at night. The cost of creating solar power home stations to store such energy is very expensive. In some area of the world, a solar power home just isn't an option because the climate does not receive enough sun light. (Carr, 2005)

When technology is used to derive usable energy from the light of the sun one calls it solar power and the use of solar energy has been known and used by traditional technologies for centuries and is most used where 'other power supplies' are not present like in space or in remote locations on the earth. Solar power has been used in heating, generation of electricity as ...
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