Digital Marketing Strategies

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Digital Marketing Strategies: Threats and Opportunities


            E-Marketing (eM) is 'starting to arrive of age' and since the adoption of digital marketing is positively attached with the presentation of companies, the authors state that there has been a important boost of the penetration of the (eM) into the enterprise strategy of firms. The notion of e-marketing presents us with the opening to save our time and cash while we shop in comfort. There are numerous websites accessible on the Internet that presents us with a large variety of amenities at free of cost. Is it likely to envisage a service free of ascribe in genuine life? The response would be no for sure! This is a large opening that digital marketing has the power to offer consumers and Internet users with a free service. However, it is vital to understand that websites proposing paid services to consumers live as well, and often for a very reduced cost. In each and every area, Internet services appear to be an absolutely crucial requirement. From communal networking sites for example Facebook and Twitter to free worldwide calling sites like Skype, the Internet presents us with those communication services free of charge. One of the newest notions of the last ten years, the mutli-player online game is directed by Second Life; it has arrive into the limelight in the world broad web world: is characterised as a website endowing genuine human beings to digitize them and reside in the digital world. This is a rudimentary detail that makes persons realise that there will not be any kind of advancements and improvements in our inhabits without the important support of the digital world.  Digital marketing through large productive websites has granted the enterprise world a marvellous opening to discover the world in ease. This study boasts a comprehensive investigation of the peak forty websites that have become a large part of our every day lives.

Table of Contents

Chapter I: Introduction6

I.1. Background6

Problem Statement………………………………………………………………………………….…6

I.2. Organizational Context6

I.3. Theories8

I.3.1. The traditional Four Ps8





I.3.2. The Five Is11






I.3.3. Modules of business & Digital Marketing13

Business to business module13

Business to Customer14

Customer-to-Customer module15

Chapter II: Literature Review16

II.1. The World Wide Web16

II.2. Internet & Digital Marketing17

Chapter III: Research Methodology22

III.1. Research Objectives22

B. Finding out the current trend and best practices in the digital marketing25

C. Three primary traits to be considered in digital marketing25

III.2. Research Philosophy26

III.3. Generalities about the Data collection27

Chapter IV: Findings and Results29

IV.1. Analysis of the top forty websites29

IV.2. Case Studies65

Case Study 1: Facebook66

Case Study 2: Twitter67

Case Study 3: Flickr67

Case Study 4: Google68

Case Study 5: Wikipedia69

Chapter V: Conclusion70



Chapter I: Introduction

I.1. Background

            Marketing is an very vintage notion to make a merchandise well renowned in the market and to alter the specific merchandise to a merchandise apt to sell. With the advancement of human civilization the notion of marketing has gone through numerous changes. It is very significant to realise the evolution of marketing ideas to grab the notion of new age marketing procedure, which is mostly the digital ...
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