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Digital Marketing Communications Opportunities

Digital Marketing Communications Opportunities

Task B I: Target Market Report

Digital Marketing includes banner advertising, search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (pay per click). Thus, we can say that digital marketing is focused on the Internet, which is not only a communication tool, but also a powerful marketing tool. Marketing is a pre-sale undertaking to increase the sales and to construct the emblem equity. Digital marketing furthermore pursues the identical vintage concept; although the theoretical methodologies occur digitally in this process (Combe, 2006). Digital marketing has recently become the hottest topic. In the latest past, there have been numerous new procedures directed for the betterment of the marketing method but digital marketing has been the only procedure, which is broadly accepted.

For the product of the company, it will be essential to utilize all the age groups but most specifically the young generations. Digital technology and it is used by many telecommunication devices such as mobile phones and cable systems. Another vital development that takes place is the Analog-to-digital converters have utilized the concept of pulse code modulation (PCM) to convert the analog data into digital signals. In comparison with the transmissions related to analog, digitized signals were not much distorted very badly and could have been easily replaced by the other option (Ryan & Jones, 2009). To target the young generation, the company need to focus their digital marketing strategies on the websites most frequently used by the target market.

Business to Enterprise Module

In Business-to-Business modules, the transactions are mostly finished between the constructing industries. In this kind of module, marketing and advocating become less important. The major component, which highly affairs in Business-to-Business (B2B) modules, is the correct charge with the best quality (Rowan, 2008).

Business to Customer

Business to clientele (B2C) is a enterprise module which will be used by the company where the constructor deals his goods to the end client that is the consumer or the customer. Recently, the B2C enterprise is overridden by digital marketing. In the area of enterprise to clientele module the retailing enterprise has a new face. The progression of this enterprise module is an electrical devices pattern that is mostly retailing enterprise by the Internet. Today, most retail stores have their own website, which assist them develop more profit. Say any large-scale title in the retail enterprise, it can be Wal-Mart, Tesco or Sainsbury's, all of them have their own websites (Chaffey & Smith, 2008). It endows them not only to manage enterprise in a correct kind but furthermore assists them to construct a communication stage where significant interactions with clients for response become possible.

Task B II: Viability Report on Suitable Digital Marketing Approaches

Digital marketing or enterprise through the Internet is fundamentally a win-win position for both suppliers and manufacturers as the acquiring cost of the enterprise is much smaller for both parties. In supplement, the transactions and dealings are accomplished much quicker than any other mode. This is the cause why most of the businesses in ...
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