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Digital Marketing Success of Amazon Inc


This study attempts to explore the success factors of digital marketing campaign of the online shopping giant Amazon Inc. The research will maintain a focus on success factors of digital marketing and how it has contributed in the growth and development of the company. The research employs qualitative research design and has used secondary method of data collection. After the analysis of different marketing factors it has been concluded that Affiliate Marketing, PPC, email marketing are some of the main contributors of the success of digital marketing campaign of Amazon.

Chapter No. 1


The increased exposure of the internet and information technology to the world has modified the business trends. At present, every business must ensure its presence in the online world in order to be perceived as a technology oriented company. This shift in business has been initiated because of the changes in the preferences of users, who wish to seek more convenient channels for shopping and information (Frick 2010, pp. 32-86). The users at present have become more dependent on the virtual world and prefer to shop online because of the convenience this medium offers to the users. In fact, many online shopping stores like,, to name a few have become the latest shopping sensation leaving behind the concept of traditional shopping. There are numerous online stores present in the virtual world offering same products and competitiveness but some stores are more successful than others. Obviously, the strategic decision making, marketing and other process plays vital role in success or failure of any business (Wind & Mahajan 2001, pp. 28-51).

This paper in this connection is going to analyse the reason for the success of Being one of the giants of online shopping, it will not be possible to discuss every aspect that links to the success of Amazon in this report. Thus, the following report is going to analyze and discuss success of digital marketing of The report will analyse different aspects of digital marketing and will try to figure out what factors of Amazon digital marketing strategy makes it different from the competitors.


Research Question

This research is going to analyse the digital marketing campaign of Amazon Inc and will identify success factors of their marketing campaign.

Chapter No. 2

Literature Review

Overview of Amazon

July 16, 1995 was the day when the online shopping giant was launched. The founder of the company Jeffery Bezos have had the vision of developing an online company which will change the concept of selling books. The vision was to revolutionize the book selling concept with the development of an online store with plausible customer service. The idea of Jeffery has been the centre of criticism due to a unique approach of book selling, but he was a man who sticks to his decision. He adheres to the concept what he believe could revolutionize the book business and has managed to put in place worlds largest and most liked online bookstore (Weber 2008, ...
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