Discussion Questions

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Discussion Questions

Discussion Questions

Topic 1: Designing a Study

Research Question

Does nurses' awareness to care for women expose to intimate partner violence?

Independent and Dependent Variable

The independent variables that will be used in the study is the preparedness offered to nurses to endow with nursing care to women which are exposed to Intimate partner violence. However, the dependent variable of the reaserch will be the intimate partner violence.

Research Hypothesis

Ho: Preparedness of nurses to care for women depicts the intimate partner violence.

HA: Preparedness of nurses to care for women do not depict the intimate partner violence.

Statistical Test

The statistical test that will be used is the Chi square test; the basis of this statement is that the variables that are include in the above hypothesis are based on the categorical variables as it is known that the Chi square test is used to examine the nominal data.

Testing of Hypothesis

Moreover, for testing the hypothesis, the Chi square test will compare the observed frequencies to frequencies which are expected under the null hypothesis that is preparedness of nurses to care for women depicts the intimate partner violence.

Topic 2: Summary of Recent Research

Tovar, E. G. (2007). “Relationships between psychosocial factors and adherence to diet and exercise in adults with type 2 diabetes: A test of a theoretical model.” The University of Texas Medical Branch Graaduate School of Bio-medical Science. ProQuest Dissertations and Theses, Retrieved from: search.proquest.com/docview/304750476?accountid=35812. (304750476)


The paper focuses on the cardiovascular disease which is considered as the principal basis of early death among individuals with diabetes. Exercise and diet punctuality are imperative and essential; for the self management behaviors for diabetes as it can decrease or lessen the risk of cardiovascular disease; unfortunately, it is observed from the study that the adherence rates are low among the patients with diabetes.

This study particularly evaluates the ...
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