Do You Prefer A Male Or Female Boss?

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Do You Prefer A Male or Female Boss?

Today, the best bosses are not necessarily the most gifted and the brightest. Of course they are competent, but more importantly, they project energy and enthusiasm and communicate easily; they no only say what they mean, but also listen to what others say. The foundation of a skillful boss is a measure of the efficiency and effectiveness that it has to exhibit while accomplishing organizational goals. It is their ability to minimize the resources used to achieve the objectives of the organization and the ability to determine appropriate goals. The main practices of bosses are characterized by power they hold; the ability to influence others' behavior. In professional work environment, double standards are common, especially when it relates to gender biasness. The paper aims to discuss the essentials of a good boss while highlighting sexism in this regard..

One of the most important aptitudes of a good boss is decision making, problem solving and how to lead the organization with smoothly. The ability to make decisions is one of the attributes that always arise when professionals talk about successful people and analyze their characteristics. The power bosses have over their employees is actually an illusion; instead, they have authority over their staff. The only power a manager has is the willingness and commitment of their employees to carry out their goals and vision. For a good working relationship to exist between staff and management there needs to be trust and honesty. Good bosses understand staff member's needs, especially cultural, religious and disability issues. By being aware of the issues and making the arrangements necessary to accommodate each employee, bosses develop upright, caring rapport with their employees.A good boss is uniting. He or she has the ability ti maintain good relations with peers, superiors and employees. He sees human resources operating in its working environment as a team that works better and more efficiently when it benefits from good working conditions and rewards and base his confident of success in relation to it. The good boss is healthy. Honesty is part of its fundamental principles, he/she acts in good faith and takes responsibility of own actions, choices and words. This transparency gives confidence to its employees and colleagues. Moreover, it is authentic. He shows great sincerity and makes a point of honor to ensure that its interventions are aligned with his speech. When it comes to skills, experience or its achievements; he speaks honestly about those he has and does not swell the reality. Empathy is another quality of a good boss. She/he listens to others and is sensitive to the needs of team members and works to assign them that enables what they need to achieve their career goals.

Anthony Balderrama astutely discusses the hurdles faced by women in the business world to achieve leadership positions that they desire. Women are considered to be ruthless and mean if they try to be assertive as an exemplary businessman, “Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than ...
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