Documentary Research Method On Drugs During The

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Documentary Research Method on Drugs during the First Emergence of Beatles in 1960-65.

Documentary Research Method on Drugs during the First Emergence of Beatles in 1960-65.


The advent of pop music coincided with the introduction of the Pill, so that made parents became even more anxious, probably with good reason, as the Young Generation were preaching 'Love not War'.All in all, pop music launched the emanciapation of youth and the sexual revolution of the 60s.

Research topic

Research on drugs, leisure and spatiality intersects with some of the most interesting recent debate in cultural criminology, cultural geography and cultural studies, focussing on popular culture, urban space and the changing nature of the city. The changing uses and meanings of leisure space involve the creation of new locations and the transformation, subversion and reinterpretation of existing space. These leisure venues have developed with, without and against official endorsement leading to a range of policy responses which raise questions about the control of youth and young adult leisure time/space.

Documentary Sources

Pubs and clubs have been key social spaces for young adults in the UK across the late twentieth century and into the twenty-first century. (Jake WSanton 2002)

The complexities of the relationship between spatiality, consumption, commercialisation and control can be illustrated by a consideration of the patterns of drug use of those attending specific dance clubs. Studies of recreational drug use amongst clubbers have revealed that UK clubbers have drug consumption patterns wider in repertoire and greater in frequency and quantity than national household studies of the general young adult population. Furthermore, when looking at the range of drug use between individual dance clubs playing different sub genres of dance music, there are considerable differences in quantities, frequencies and profiles of drug use between clubs. (Elvin Castle Pp. 45.)

Primary Sources

1- Beatkes and 1960's cult class documentaries and footages

A study of legal and illicit drug use by over two thousand clubbers in the north west of England revealed quite different consumption patterns associated with the music policies of three different dance clubs located only a few miles apart. There is some evidence, however, that London is for some drugs a staging post, and is used as a centre by those who are acquiring drugs in one country, using London, and then passing them on to a third country. It is, therefore, important that we should clean up this trade and this traffic, as the Bill will give us power to do.

There are close connections between this traffic and crime—indeed, the traffic itself is criminal—just as there have been close, but not such close, connections between gaming and crime. If we really are to get at crime by the roots and get down to its causes—I believe that an attempt is being made to ensure this through the various powers in the Bill—we must control the import, manufacture and supply of drugs, which is of the essence if we are to avoid the enormous profits which pan ...
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