Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence

Annotated Bibliography

M., B'oulette, Anderson, S. T.R., and Schwartz, A.H. (1991). Psychological mistreatment of spouse. In R.T. Ammerman & M Hersen, (Eds.) Case investigation in Family Violence, New York: Plenum Press. p. 293-327. Chapter presents some investigates of diverse facets of psychological abuse in bodily abusive relationships. Definitions and descriptions covered by psychological abuse, and abusing their impact on women. Medical and legal issues are analyzed in terms of their effectiveness in detecting the needs of victims and addressing the macro issues of wife abuse. Aprofile a woman abused treatment helps in creating a comprehensive overview of this phenomenon. Social and family issues such as traumatic bonding, psychological incarceration, community isolation, economic power, power imbalances, alcohol abuse and inheritance are also examined. Profiles of male and female abuse are shattered, and treatment options considered. Recommended for the general public, professionals and academics.

A'rias, I., Lyons, C.M. and Street, A.E. (1997). Individual and family status consequences of victimization: Moderation effects of relationship efficacy and spouse support.Journal of family violence 12(2): 193-210.Chapter discusses and measures the relationship between spousal emotional support, relationship efficacy and depression of women in battering relationships where verbal abuse is present. Effects of high emotional spousal support in these relationships is analyzed as a determinant of the abused women with benign explanations for their partners and their activities suppress contradictory tendency. The samples include sixty-six married women and more are judged to have used such as the confrontation evaluate methods Scale (CTS) (Straus, 1979), Relationship Attribution assesss (RAM) (Fincham and Bradbury, 1992), Relationship effectiveness (SEM) (Finckh and Bradbury, 1989) and others. Recommended for professionals and academics.

A'nderson, M. L., Bonomi, A. E., Reid, R. J., Carrell, D., Fi'shman,P. A., Rivara, F. P., et al. (2007). "Intifriend friend aggression in older women: Gerontologist: 47(5): P34-41.

           This cross-sectional study discusses the occurrence, ...
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