Domestic Violence

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Domestic Violence


It is one of the most sensitive and widespread social problems. However, the lack of clear definitions, comprehensive information about the extent and causes of the use of force creates obstacles to efforts aimed at resolving this problem. (Gover, Brank, pp.616) .

The study of domestic violence began in the sixties, with a focus on children's issues. It should be noted that in 19 century in the U.S. mistreatment of children, it was the subject of public concern. Most people convinced that domestic violence - an extremely rare phenomenon, typical for a small portion of the population and generate certain psychological disorders. In the seventies, in America and Europe it has been widely accepted concept of equality between men and women in marriage and at work. In the 70's and 80's is increasing public awareness about family violence, spousal abuse unacceptable. For example, in 1985, America's attention had drawn to senior government officials, who for 18 years of marriage, abused and beat his wife. Typically, the study of family violence reduced only to the understanding of physical violence, in accordance with articles of the Penal Code (Gover, Brank, pp.616). On the versatility of this social phenomenon, this manifests itself in different forms, only mentioned in the context of the relationship with physical violence. Family violence includes any violence by one or more family members against one or more other family members. Violence against children, women and the elderly dependency that is more frequent in the context of the family. If the woman does not clearly express its depletion (or hidden), and their children do not appreciate and get redress, inadequate overload causes or exacerbates some common diseases: hypertension, diabetes, headaches, depression, anxiety and arthritis. These statements do not heal properly if not properly reduce the excessive workload. Occasionally it can cause suicide and the children usually occur during the violence and those who witness may suffer emotional and behavioral problems. The researchers suggest that family violence will affect children in three ways: health, education and the use of violence in their lives (Fountain, Skolnik, pp. 370-410). It proved that children who witness violence exhibit a greater degree of depression, anxiety, trauma symptoms and temperament problems. The problem of violence is as old as man, through the history of mankind there are facts that go against its nature, and this has impacted on families causing its disintegration and the subsequent positive feedback, develop new and most dangerous manifestations of violence that threaten the survival of the human species. Aware of this problem is that with greater emphasis, during the twentieth century, states, societies, get to work with greater effort on the issue of violence and within this framework, the problem of domestic violence or violence, with to the formation of citizens with better balance, which help in generating a world of better quality of life. (Gover, Brank, pp.616).


It is in this context I am submitting a proposal to develop a program to Control the Domestic Violence. It will help the society ...
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