Domestic Violence In America

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Domestic Violence in America

1. What I know

The societies we live in have many social taboos. One of them is domestic violence which in my opinion is pretty upsetting. It affects people in different ways. Domestic violence is the intentional abuse or past or present spouses, intimate partners, members of the family or family members guilty of assault, regardless of age or gender. Domestic violence can be taken to psychological abuse, physical battery, or sexual assault in the form. The reason for domestic violence may differ from each other. Community programs have helped counter this problem but this is not a solution on a larger scale. Responsibility lies on a victim on a smaller level to eliminate violence and on the other hand we should evaluate our social norms seriously to find out why we suffer from such problems and the ways to counter it and eliminate it completely. Historically, domestic violence was considered private, not criminal cases, family, but the criminal justice system in the United States over the past 20 years, major changes in power and authority to provide law enforcement officers to intervene. I will try to put some light on the issues related to domestic violence and will work to offer a solution for it as well with the help of evidence and statistical figures.

2. The Search

One of the most widely spread problem in the United States is domestic violence. When the term domestic violence is heard, people think of it as husbands beating their wives. This is rather an unjust thought. It might be true that most of the women suffer domestic violence but one point that gets left aside is about the high school students. Statistics show that one out of ten students suffers violence, where they are physically assaulted. The toll has increased from 10 percent to 22 percent for students who study in college. Most important point is that children are affected by this on a very large scale. (Rennison, 12)

An obvious approximation of abuse is not that easy to find out due to the lack of information collection methods and the way children abuse is viewed and defined. Figures point out that around 3 million children are affected by different form of domestic violence that includes children abuse or getting neglected. But hardly half of the total number of cases are reported and filed which is intolerable.

U.S. population: about 25% to 30% ...
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