Violence In America

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The social structural factors that contribute to the level of violence in America


“Violence” can be characterised as the abusive use of force. One sort or one more of “violence” has pretentious every one of us or someone we know. Daily, tens of children under age 20 are killed and many more are “injured by guns”. Thousands and Millions cases of child cruelty and desert are reported annually.

"The social structural factors that contribute to the level of violence in America"

As shots ring out across America, one cannot help but assume that America is more violent now than it has been in the past. Has America actually become more violent? aggression has habitually been present in the world, and in America, but it seems that in the twentieth years American violence has taken on a new form.

Social structural factors

Crime has become an epidemic that sways every age group, every ethnic assembly, and every individual in a distinct way, but in each case, the effect is detrimental. In numerous ways, the violence present in American heritage today has desensitized society. In videos, on TV, and even on the nightly news Americans can watch brutality and gore whenever they want.

It is thus no surprise that misdeed has become more commonplace in America s society. Does this signify that because American humanity is used to misdeed that aggression is on the rise? Throughout America s history, there have been times of increasing violence as well as times when violence seems to be on the decline (Boston, 1998).

American humanity is beginning to go in another period where violent crimes are declining according to the newest U.S. Department of Justice statistics. It is apparent that social and/or financial situation can cause these periods of semi-peace.

The function of the media

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