Domestic Violence In Men

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Domestic Violence in Men





Background of the Study9

Domestic Violence9

Theoretical Perspectives on Domestic Violence10

Abuse-Battering Theory10

Social Learning Theories11

Gender Based Theories12

Types and Effects of Domestic Violence12

Domestic Violence in Men13

Reasons Due to Which Men Stay in Abusive Relationships14

Male Victims do not Seek Help15



Research Question

Why male victims of domestic violence do not seek help?

Aims and Objectives

This research study aims to assess the impact that domestic violence has on men. This research study accomplishes the below mentioned objectives.

To evaluate the concept of domestic violence

To highlight the reasons due to which domestic violence prevails in men

To assess the reasons due to which male victims of domestic violence do not seek help.

Rationale for aims and objective s

A number of researches have been conducted on the impact that domestic violence has on children and women, but there are a few studies that have a focus on domestic violence in men. Since, men are also a crucial part of the society and are also exposed to domestic violence; therefore, it is important to study the impact that domestic violence has on the men and the reasons due which male victims of domestic violence do not seek help.

Literature review - key words and terms

The chapter of literature review comprises of the relevant literature that has already been published regarding domestic violence in men. The major terms and words that will be discussed in the literature review are domestic violence, physical abuse, aggressive behaviour, emotional abuse, abuse, etc.

Outline of search strategy

In order to compile the existing literature on the subject of domestic violence in men. The measurements of choice for literature were relevancy to the research topic and year of publishing. Both public and individual libraries, as well as online libraries, were chaffered in order to approach the relevant data. Some of online databases that were accessed are SAGE, Questia, Emerald, Proquest, and so on. Data collection establishments, for example, Gallup and AC Nielsen carry on researches on a repeated basis homing in on a wide lay of subjects.

Proposed Methodology

The research will adopt both the primary and secondary approaches. The primary research will be carried out by conducting interviews. Whereas, the secondary sources will also be used for obtaining information and knowledge that is relevant to the subject. In order to answer the research questions in an appropriate manner, the research will conducting interviews with five men who are exposed to domestic violence. The interviews will be conducting with the men living in London. The activities of domestic violence are getting common all around the world. This research study will help the male victims of domestic violence to build themselves and to seek help and opt for services. This research study will help the men to understand the fact that it is important to seek help when a problem prevails.

Rationale for chosen methodology

I have chosen this group in order to carry out my research study because not much research has been done on this ...
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