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E-procurement at the Federal Government Agencies Procurement Offices


Section 1: Situational Analysis3


Impact of E-Procurement6

Section 2: Premise7

Section 3: Disclaimers9

Section 4: Applied Research Methodology9

Section 5: Work Plan- Core Course Content10

Section 6: Project Development11

Section 7: Abstract17

Section 8: Body of Paper20

Section 9: Bibliography23

Section 10: Appendix26



Section 1. Situation Analysis.The topic of my research paper is how e-procurement have impacted Government and businesses daily activities. E-procurement is the electronic procurement and is also known as supplier exchange. It is the process which sales and purchases of different products, supplies or orders are taken place in order to do business. E-procurement business is either business to consumers or business to government e-procurement is popular nowadays in market. There have been significant savings to the Government by using the e-procurement system rather than the manual procurement system. During the past 20 years, the Contract Specialist and Contracting Officer have not accurately reported data to Congress, Small Business Specialist and Program Analysts. The Program Analyst is responsible for reporting accurate data to the Small Business Specialist. The Small Business Specialist is also responsible for reporting accurate data to Congress. My research will explore how to revamp the current e-procurement system which will increase efficiency in issuing, processing, tracking, reconcile procurement requests from inception through receipt and acceptance of goods, and complete data calls by due dates. The Federal Supply Codes and North American Industrial Codes are required for reporting purposes throughout the Federal Government.


The process of procurement is one where companies purchase goods and services from different suppliers. The goods and services can be direct or indirect, depending on the nature and requirements of the business. Costs of procurement can be very high; therefore, companies negotiate with their suppliers for discount contracts. When a company is devising a strategy to reduce its costs, procurement plays an important part of

the strategy (Sirmon and Lane, 2004, p. 306).

In the past, the concerned government departments used various methods for the purchase of goods and services needed by the government. The most basic of these methods was placing the orders for goods and services over the phone, mail, or fax. In the past few decades, the advent of Electronic Procurement has changed the way governments and companies purchase their goods and services.

In the earlier years, E-procurement technology is defined as “any technology designed to facilitate the acquisition of goods by a commercial or a government organization over the internet, (Brunnelli, 1999). The Aberdeen Group (2001) gives more detail by defines E-procurement as “the creation of private web-based procurement markets that automate communications, transactions, and collaboration between supply chain partners. It is about enhancing collaboration, stream lining processes, control- ling costs, and enhancing information exchange within and across organization boundaries.” The best definition is given by Croom and Brandom (2007), whose refers E-procurement to the use of integrated information technology systems for procurement functions, including sourcing, negotiation, ordering, receipt and post-purchase review, realized that in order to aid E-procurement system working, all the pieces have to be integrated ...
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