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Recruitment is the process of screening and selecting candidates for employment. Recruitment departments take the undertakings to attract a pool of qualified applicants for a position. In most situations, the human resources (HR) function starts the recruitment process by recognizing the HR requirements, documented in position descriptions and person specifications, and finishes with obtaining applications. This process furthermore engages working out where qualified applicants can be discovered (i.e., recruitment sources) and selecting a specific entails of attracting potential employees to the organization (i.e., recruitment methods). (Cooper, 1997, 23-86)

Importantly, a listing of applicants for short-term vacancies should be pre-established. This is the first step in the selection and recruitment process. This requires the employer to outline very clear requirements as to what sort of qualifications and experience, they foresee a potential employee resume can be seen. (Cooper, 1997, 23-86)The next step is to determine the number of meetings and / or request, an employee required to make the final choice.

Recruitment and Selection process:

Job Profile:

The requirements that are to be met by people in order to fill the jobs efficiently come under job profile. It is said that vacancy is a missing piece in a machine. In order to define the job specification, a job profile is created which consists of graphical representations of the characteristics and requirements of a particular job. (Moser, 2005, 188-197)

Short Listing:

The next step involves the sorting of all the applications received and then short listing them. Short-listing means: to identify suitable candidates for interview.


After short listing the candidates, there is a need of arranging interview with them. Interviews contain questioning with the candidate who has applied for the job.

Selection and Hiring Decision:

After the step of interviewing, appropriate candidates are selected for the job offering. While making this decision, the managers go through three characteristics: (Moser, 2005, 188-197)

Content of application

Performance at the interview

Results of the tests, if there were any

Employment Offer:

After going through all these process, the offer for employment is made to the most suitable candidates identified during the process.


Internet really changed the way people do business today. Now we have the opportunity to do almost everything from our computers, and recruitment is one of them. More and more employers are health care turning to the Internet to fill their positions with qualified candidates. (Hays, 1999, 76-84)

Candidates always look for a detailed description of the job description. They look forward in acquiring knowledge about what the job entails and what the organization is offering in terms of job. For example, for a health website you will be able to give the job hunters detailed information about the type of candidate the organization is looking for. You can also put your brochures on your website, the types of benefits and lifestyle you offer and why your organization stands out among others. (Hays, 1999, 76-84)

E-recruitment is now a days very popular part of the recruitment process for a number of organizations and companies. Why?

E-recruitment, Web-recruitment or Online recruitment is the usage of the Internet technology in order ...
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