Eating Disorders Involving Youth

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Eating Disorders Involving Youth

Eating Disorders Involving Youth


Youth is the most exciting yet critical stage in an individual's life. It leads to many changes in the life style and thinking of the people. While Youth is memorable, adventurous, and thrilling it can lead to certain permanent problems with respect to the health of the youngsters. This particular life stage reveals many realities to the individual as he/she discovers who they are and try to live independently. Entering into the age of puberty can itself be overwhelming and sometimes, confusing.

Problem Statement

Eating Disorders are one of the most common and long lasting troubles that are associated with the youth. Developing eating disorders in youth is one of the initial reactions of a youngster to the dilemma he faces when entering this phase.


It happens during the weight again in the pubertal stage that an individual is subjected to bullying or teasing at highs school. As a result one tries too loose weight, fearing that this weight will be permanent. Trying to shed those extra sounds is not an easy job. This requires patience and consistency. However, the youngsters are intolerant and often demand instant results. This can lead to the development of acute eating disorders. They are not aware that once the physical changes during this time cease, their weight will usually stable off and go to their bodies' natural set point, without the need for dieting. Once they start losing weight, people might compliment them, which would make them feel good. They may start to believe that losing weight will make them happier, but no matter how much weight is lost, it is never enough, and they are never happy. In addition to puberty, sexual advances in the body are also a leading cause of developing disorders as such. This advance can be so upsetting that the person strives to go back to the childlike body and takes pity on him/her. Going through puberty early can be very upsetting, especially if the teenager is being subjected to sexual advances. They end up starving their bodies to lose weight as fast as possible.

Youth, especially teens are heavily influenced and attracted by the media. In U.S. alone, it has been estimated that every third person is a victim of obesity or other eating disorders. When the media shows thinnest of bodies in the most attractive dresses and portrays the happiness that seems to come only from being thin these youngsters feel more ashamed for their appearances. They begin to feel left out. These individuals are already concerned about the external environment perceives them looks wise, these fashion magazines and media further ads to their problems. They create the thinking that whatever is being telecasted is a socially acceptable criterion, to which they have to reach by hook or by crook. This feeling further panics their immature mindsets and they feel under stress and pressures. Eating disorders develop as the youth conforms to the belief that being thin means being ...
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